Forgotten Foundations of Fundraising Webinar: CAPITAL CAMPAIGNS


Are you looking for a quick infusion of cash? It can be tempting to see a capital campaign as the answer—but when it comes to campaigns, only fools rush in. Running a successful capital campaign takes the right project, the right donor base, the right pitch, and the right people. Done well, a capital campaign can energize your donors and deepen relationships. Done poorly, it can cripple your fundraising program.

In this webinar, senior consultant Sandy Shrader will sit down with Kerry Alys Robinson, Executive Partner for Global and National Initiatives at Leadership Roundtable and Executive Director of the Opus Prize Foundation, and Scott Bucko, AmPhil managing consultant, to cover:

  • What a capital campaign is and how it differs from your annual fundraising
  • The first steps for planning a campaign
  • How to determine the right financial goal
  • How to map out a realistic campaign schedule
  • Who should manage the campaign

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