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With great wealth comes great responsibility—or, really, with any wealth comes a desire to use it responsibly. Every giver, whether individual donor or grantmaking foundation, wants to make thoughtful donations that align with their values and have the greatest impact possible. 

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AmPhil helps you make those gifts. From strategizing to executing to following up and reassessing, we’ll partner with you to ensure you get the most bang for your philanthropic buck.


Strategy & Donor Intent

If you start giving willy-nilly, you run the risk of directing your donations unwisely. First step: make a plan.

-AmPhil consultants believe collaboration is the key to strategic success. We have the tools to help you:

  • Determine exactly what your philanthropic mission and vision are.
  • Build out a set of giving options in alignment with that vision.
  • Mitigate the risks to your donor intent.

When you’re directing your donations, positive intent alone just isn’t going to cut it.

Giving Program Management

Grantmaking operations can be onerous, time-consuming, and dreadworthy, but getting them right is crucial to your foundation’s success.

Outsourcing is the key to easier grantmaking—and is exactly what AmPhil consultants have been handling for decades by:

  • Performing in-depth due diligence.
  • Streamlining burdensome application and communication processes.
  • Building systems that make the grantmaking process a breeze.
Governance & Succession Planning

Of course, you don’t just care about current giving and grantmaking. You want to secure a stable, mission-focused future for your giving structure.

AmPhil consultants help you navigate the thorny business of plotting a smooth course for your giving, by:

  • Enabling fruitful discussion, keeping priorities front and center.
  • Aligning the current foundation leadership and board—again, keeping everyone’s eyes on the prize!
  • Determining and developing future leaders who will prioritize mission and impact.
Grantee Capacity Building

Giving to your grantees only at arm’s length is a mistake. Your annual support will go much further if you invest in their long-term sustainability.

AmPhil shows you all the tools you could be helping your grantees develop (and the ways to help them do so), including:

  • Strategy and planning programming.
  • Fundraising methods like direct mail, planned giving, and major gifts outreach.
  • Innovative donor outreach and long-term planning.
Marketing & Creative

You’re only as good as your word—so make sure your word is excellent. In partnership with AmPhil Studio, Donor Advisory consultants will provide the full-service creative resources you need to project your voice as a leading philanthropist.

Talent & Technology

Perhaps the only thing more important than your word? Your people, and your people aren’t at their best without the best in tech. AmPhil will help you find and hire top-tier talent, then equip them with the best-in-class tech platforms they need to further your mission.

As you strategize your short-term giving, don’t lose sight of your organization’s long-term impact.

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