Creative Studio

Your organization has a powerful story. We’ll help you tell it.

Messaging surrounds us, every minute of every hour. How do you make your ideas and your mission stand out from all the noise? AmPhil’s Creative Studio team of writers and designers will help you communicate your story in a way that people remember and love.

AmPhil’s Creative Studio services will help you convey your message in a persuasive and memorable way.


Donor and Marketing Communications

You need to communicate your message across a range of genres and platforms—each with their own distinct requirements and challenges.  

AmPhil writers and designers will create and advise on:

  • Grant proposals that foundations will love
  • Direct mail that activates donors
  • Newsletters and annual reports that draw supporters into the life of your organization
  • Case statements that capture your story and why it matters
  • Email and digital that distill your ideas for wide transmission.


Better storytelling leads to better fundraising.


Your ideas deserve a prominent platform. But getting them ready for the spotlight takes time.

Our writers will work closely with you to capture your voice and values in:

  • A ready-to-publish book that will raise your leadership profile
  • Speeches tailored to any occasion or audience
  • Editorials to grow your media footprint and credibility
  • White papers that establish your organization’s expertise and insight
  • And more


Writing and Design Support

Does your to-do list exceed your current capabilities?

You can rely on AmPhil’s Creative Studio to be on-call for all your writing and design needs, including:

  • Editorial support that targets your top priorities
  • Staff workshops to coach your team on effective messaging
  • Logo redesigns, a website refresh, or general design assistance
  • Whatever project might arise that you need support to handle


Messaging Audits

When you’re in the trenches, it’s hard to see the big picture—and hard to align all voices in strategic harmony.  

Our expert writing and design teams will:

  • Give you a comprehensive assessment of your communications across channels
  • Identify key strengths and weaknesses in your messaging
  • Develop recommendations and a core messaging document that will guide your future efforts


Your path to better fundraising and storytelling is just a click away.

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