Strategic Development and Organizational Planning


Your nonprofit has a goal—fulfilling your mission, of course—but a goal alone isn’t enough. To achieve your goals, you need a realistic, detailed strategy and a way to execute it. AmPhil provides the strategic insights and practical services nonprofits need to raise more money. Our consultants go beyond fundraising platitudes to work in the trenches with clients to advance their missions

“AmPhil’s strategic plan is the best that I have read from any consultant in the 14 years that I have been working on our charitable programs. All I can say is ‘wow.'” —President, National Education Organization

AmPhil will be your partner in plotting a path to fulfilling your mission in the long term. Strategy and execution are our specialty.


Nonprofits need a concrete plan to achieve their long-term goals. AmPhil helps clients assess current performance, set solid targets, and do the hard work to execute on the ground. We develop step-by-step playbooks, timelines, and reporting methods for implementing a successful plan

  • A thorough analysis of fundraising operations.
  • Review of donation trends, benchmarks, collateral, mail, advancement staffing, gaps, and capacity
  • Comprehensive staff and donor interviews
  • An in-depth analysis of organizational operations.
  • Interviews with staff, board members, clients, and external stakeholders
  • Competitive landscape assessment
Let’s start with what AmPhil’s planning process doesn’t entail:
  • Pie-in-the sky wish lists.
  • Endless meetings and soul-crushing workshops.
  • Boilerplate lists of items to mindlessly cross off.
Now, the services we’ll actually provide:
  • An objective, comprehensive assessment of your current state of affairs.
  • Partnership with you in establishing realistic goals and a plan for achieving them.
  • Support in the trenches as you execute said plan.
  • Guidance on adjusting the plan to fit your evolving needs.
You probably have many pressing questions, like:
  • How do we build a sustainable revenue stream?
  • What development activities would put us on stronger financial footing?
  • How should we staff and operate our development department?

These are all questions that AmPhil will help you answer, so that you can execute the right things, the right way, consistently over time.

By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.

—Benjamin Franklin

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