Planned Giving
Gift Planning


Without a strong planned giving program, organizations risk leaving millions of dollars on the table, both in the near future and long term. That’s never been more true than it is now, as baby boomers turn their attention to their estate plans—and the biggest generational wealth transfer in history unfolds.

AmPhil will help you build a planned giving program that secures your organization’s financial future and lets donors establish a lasting legacy.

If you’re starting from scratch . . . 

AmPhil will help you construct a strategic, robust planned giving program through four concrete steps:

  1. Establishing the program. We’ll help you determine a good name, compelling messaging, and effective outreach for your program.
  2. Identifying top prospects. You already have great prospects in your database; AmPhil will help you find them, then figure out how best to approach them.
  3. Strategizing and training. Together, we’ll create a strategy, then AmPhil will train your staff on how to execute it.
  4. Achieving your goals. We’ll help you hit the ground running, including drafting, producing, and coordinating the mailing of letters to prospects.


A good planned giving program provides value to donors and peace of mind to staff. 

If you’re already in the game . . . 

Just having a planned giving program isn’t enough—you need to put in the time to make it exceptional. AmPhil will help you get there by:

  1. Analyzing your donor base. We’ll sniff out top prospects, then determine how best to reach out to them.
  2. Strengthening your legacy society. Your legacy givers need to hear how much you appreciate them. We’ll help you tell them.
  3. Setting goals. We’ll work with your development team to measure how you’re doing and plot a path for steady growth.
  4. Monitoring gifts. Tracking gifts and recording donor outreach is crucial, and we know the best ways to do so.
  5. Training your team. We’ll equip you with the knowledge, skills, and resources you need to identify, cultivate, and secure planned gifts with confidence.


After a donor puts you in their will, their annual cash giving increases by 75% on average. 

AmPhil can provide you with the experienced, part-time, mission-aligned planned giving officer you need to transform this vital part of your fundraising program. No training required!

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