Major Gifts Accelerator


The importance of major gifts to a successful fundraising program simply can’t be overstated: a jaw-dropping 85% of most nonprofits’ revenue comes from major donors. Your jaw may drop even further to learn that many nonprofits ignore individual major donors and grantmaking foundations.

AmPhil will help you avoid this costly mistake. We have all the tools you need to cultivate the major gifts that will help your organization fulfill its mission on a day-to-day basis.


Here’s how we’ll help you spruce up your major gifts program (and there are far more tools in our back pocket).
First, AmPhil will partner with you to:
  • Strategize ways to upgrade current donors and renew lapsed major donors.
  • Identify promising major donors among your current donors.
  • Provide in-depth research on new major donor and foundation prospects.
Then, as the rubber hits the road, we will:
  • Write grant proposals and reporting.
  • Advise development officers on follow-up strategies in regular check-in calls.
  • Optionally, make follow-up calls to new prospects.

Your major donors should feel like your best friends. People give to people!

Next, we’ll help you finesse your donor outreach as we:
  • Draft materials and templates for one-pagers, meeting requests, letters of inquiry, and call scripts.
  • Develop individualized solicitation strategies and an effective tracking system.
  • Coach staff in preparation for donor meetings.

Remember: ignoring major gifts will cripple your fundraising.

Finally, AmPhil can lend you a part-time major gifts officer, who will be: 
  • Experienced in crafting an effective major gifts program.
  • Mission-aligned and committed to your mission.
  • Cheaper and less risky than hiring a full-time major gifts officer.


If you don’t have the staff on hand to lead your major gifts effort, AmPhil can provide you with the experienced, part-time major gifts officer you need to transform this vital part of your fundraising program.

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