Direct Response


Direct mail remains the single most cost-effective way for nonprofits to acquire, retain, and upgrade donors—especially when integrated with other channels like email, digital advertising, and social media.

We partner with you to craft a direct response plan that reflects your current reality and aligns with your long-term strategy.


Start With Strategy

Building a successful direct response strategy is impossible without a savvy strategy.

AmPhil will help you take direct response to the next level through:           

  • Shifting to a holistic approach that focuses on growth.
  • Zooming out to look at the entire donor cultivation process.
  • Exploring innovative forms of marketing and emerging channels.


Taking the time to make a concrete plan will pay off in spades.

Dive Into Direct Mail

AmPhil will finesse each aspect of your direct mail, including:

  • House-file mail: We engineer and execute a plan for delivering effective outreach to house-file donors.
  • Acquisition: We build a program that attracts new donors, accelerating revenue growth and assuring long-term stability.
  • Fullservice: We oversee your entire direct mail program from soup to nuts.


Don’t Skimp On Digital

Digital fundraising is a new frontier, so AmPhil will guide you in optimizing your digital presence, including:

  • Social media, outreach on multiple channels.
  • Drip campaigns, integrating with overall fundraising strategy.
  • Paid media, driving new donor acquisition.
  • Full-service solutions, translating your mission and message to digital platforms.


Think outside the (mail)box . . .

Integrate Direct Response and Innovations

New methods of digital outreach are constantly developing. AmPhil takes the guesswork out of navigate the changing landscape by using:

  • Live and interactive townhalls: our collaborative experience boosts response and reaches untapped audiences.
  • Connected TV targeting: we know how to leverage additional advertising channels, consistent with your mail and email messaging.
  • Modeling: our proprietary methods enable us to uncover high-quality prospects in your databases.


We’ll help you pull out every last fundraising stop!

Analyze Your Results

Clear data results are crucial to determining what’s worked so far and what to adjust going forward. AmPhil provides you with:

  • Internal reporting suite: We manage a secure reporting suite that evaluates results in real time.
  • Connectivity: We connect to your database to ensure accurate reporting and results.


Finally, we help you use all these tools to create an effective go-to-market plan. This plan will reenergize your organization, accelerate your fundraising, and give you the roadmap you need to fulfill your mission. 

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