Data & Technology


Good donor relationships are built with skillful implementation of high-quality data. Without skillful CRM implementation and data management, a nonprofit squanders the potential to use the wealth of knowledge at its fingertips to improve its fundraising operations.

By partnering with AmPhil, you’ll unlock all the value the right CRM has to offer. We’ll help you access best-in-class nonprofit technology, including CRM that will transform your donor outreach. Through our partnership with Virtuous and operation on Salesforce and Hubspot, we have the full array of options for you to pick from.

AmPhil helps you deliver your best performance in two ways: first, by positioning you perfectly on the starting block; then, by running with you every step of the race.


CRM Implementation

Using outdated, unwieldy CRM—or, heaven forbid, no CRM at all—will cripple your nonprofit’s fundraising efforts. Instead, call on AmPhil to:

  • Help determine what your needs are and which CRM will best meet them
  • Customize that CRM to fulfill your requirements
  • Train your staff in how to get the most out of your new CRM

Don’t let software psych you out—the right CRM can be your organization’s right-hand man.

Proprietary Network

AmPhil helps you accelerate the acquisition process through our:

  • Wide-ranging sector-specific network connectivity.
  • Priority database of pre-qualified candidates.
  • Client success workshops focused on interview and onboarding best practices


AmPhil specializes in:

Implementation, integration, and post-live support for Virtuous CRM, along with Salesforce and Hubspot. 

That’s not unique to us, but, unlike many other data consultants, we have extensive experience the nonprofit sector, and know just the tech that nonprofits need to thrive.

Nonprofits’ CRM needs are special, so don’t settle for someone who doesn’t know nonprofit tech.