Donor Research


The most ambitious fundraising program in the world will falter if fundraisers don’t take donors into account: who they are, what they want, what drives them to give (and what drives them away).

AmPhil will help you learn about your donors as people, not faceless abstractions or numbers on spreadsheets. And we don’t stop at your current donors—we help you identify and appeal to the most promising prospective donors, too.


How do we go about helping you get to know your current and future donors? By:
  • Performing in-depth analysis of your current database. Your most valuable prospective givers are probably already in your donor base!
  • Drawing on our proprietary database to identify promising new donor prospects. We can help you speak to people who are eager to listen.
  • Understanding and sticking to your mission. By keeping mission alignment front and center, we help you identify, retain, and upgrade donors who will become partners.


Don’t reach out at random—find the individuals most aligned with your mission.

Donors aren’t cookie cutter, and donor research shouldn’t be, either.

We tailor our methods to support your donor identification and outreach for:

  • Major Giving. Major gifts should be at the core of your fundraising, so getting to know major givers is crucial.
  • Planned Giving. Which of your current donors are most likely to leave you a legacy gift? We’ll help you find out.
  • Upgrading Donors. Your next major donor is probably already giving to you. Let’s figure out who they are.
  • Capital and Mission Campaigns. A campaign is a huge endeavor, and the first step in building one is determining whether you have the donors to support it.


Every type of donor is different. Do the research to make sure you’re speaking their language! 

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