Post-Roe: The Challenges Facing Pro-Life Advocates


In the fevered brains and panicked hearts of Roe v. Wade’s ardent defenders, the Supreme Court’s decision in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization—which declared the abortion “right” was wrong—has produced an onslaught of ideas, schemes, vitriol, violence, and demands to restore coast-to-coast legality of taking pre-born life.

From a pro-lifer’s perspective, the near half-decade of legal challenges to weaken and overturn Roe, while proving a massive jurisprudential victory, is considered no “ending”—except that the High Court’s dramatic ruling marks the end of the beginning. That in turn has created a new set of challenges and battles—and even opportunities—in the cause of protecting the unborn.

So: What’s next?

Given this blazing-hot policy area, one bursting with nonprofit activity and philanthropic dollars, the Center for Civil Society is seeking to answer that simple-yet-important question in next week’s can’t-miss webinar: “Post-Roe: The Challenges Facing Pro-Life Advocates.”

Our guests will take on some of the pressing questions that have been percolating since the unauthorized May release of the High Court’s majority “draft” Dobbs opinion, while focusing on forthcoming fights—from statehouses to courthouses, from abortion clinics to crisis pregnancy centers—as well as strategies to ensure greater protection for the unborn.

Moderated by Yours Truly, the webinar—sure to be informative and provocative—is free, open to all, and offers an opportunity to have your questions addressed by this powerful trio.



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