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Office Hours – Finishing the Year Strong: 5 Practical Tips for Year-End Fundraising


It may not feel like it, but December will be here before you know it. December—the most important month of every nonprofit’s fundraising year. One-third of annual donor giving happens in December, one-third of that in the final three days of the year alone.

What does this mean for you? That if you don’t prioritize and adjust your fundraising during the giving season, you’ll miss out on a year-end charitable bonanza. But if you want to truly capitalize on donors’ festive benevolence, you can’t continue with fundraising as usual. The holidays call for special fundraising strategy.

Benjamin Domingue and Mary Callan are waiting to unpack that strategy for you on Wednesday, November 9, at 3:00 p.m. They’ll dish on the tips and tricks that will maximize your year-end fundraising, and they’ll answer the questions that are almost certainly coming to mind. End-of-year fundraising isn’t rocket science, but it’ll be far easier and more effective with Ben and Mary’s roadmap in hand.

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