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Leveraging Generosity Trends For Your Nonprofit in 2024


What trends are emerging in American donors’ giving? What most effectively motivates donors to support an organization and its mission in the long term? How should these trends in donor response influence your fundraising efforts, your messaging, and your strategy?

Join Barna Group, a leading research organization focused on faith and culture, and AmPhil, a services firm with a focus on nonprofit fundraising, as we explore emerging donor trends, then determine how to harness them to bolster your fundraising efforts. Barna Group’s Vice President of Growth and Operations, Matt Randerson, will walk through three key trends Barna Group studies have identified in donor giving in 2024 and beyond. AmPhil’s Co-Founder and Executive Chairman, Jeremy Beer, will talk through how these findings can be applied practically in your ministry’s fundraising strategy. We’ll discuss what motivates donors and what you can do to bring supporters deeper into the life and mission of your organization.

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