A Givers, Doers, & Thinkers Webinar: The Charitable Tax Deduction


Nonprofit organizations frequently ask us to make “tax-deductible” charitable contributions. But when the taxman comes a-calling, the vast majority of American taxpayers have no incentive to claim charitable tax deductions when filing their federal taxes.

In 2020 and 2021, temporary legislation let all taxpayers take advantage of an “above-the-line” charitable tax deduction. When that legislation expired, such philanthropic deductions once again became a tax benefit only for the wealthy. This webinar will cover why that legislation went unrenewed, why current policy is unfair, and how consequential this area of public policy is for civil society.



On hand to share their insights into the flaws in and future of philanthropic tax policy will be two experts on the subject:

  • Howard Husock, senior fellow in Domestic Policy Studies at the American Enterprise Institute (AEI), where he focuses on municipal government, urban housing policy, civil society, and philanthropy.
  • Elizabeth McGuigan, senior director of policy and government affairs at the Philanthropy Roundtable, where she supports research and analysis on critical issues facing the charitable sector and philanthropic freedom.

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