Forgotten Foundations of Fundraising Webinar: What Differentiates a Good Fundraiser from a Great Fundraiser

Would you like some tips about fundraising during times of uncertainty? With inflation skyrocketing and GDP dropping, it’s easy to feel ill at ease about your fundraising program. But good news: the fundamentals of fundraising don’t change when times get tough—they just need a little fine-tuning.

Join us Wednesday, November 30, to learn why and how to adjust your fundraising strategy—and how to avoid losing donors in the process. Jonathan Hannah, Erika Quaile, and Joe Garecht are eager to hand you the manual on how to recession-proof your organization and emerge from tough economic times with your fundraising program intact.  


Jonathan Hannah, Director of Education and the Center for Civil Society, will moderate the discussion with two people ready to share their expertise on fundraising during an economic downturn.

Erika Quaile, Senior Director of Development at HOPE International, has advanced quickly through HOPE’s fundraising ranks, growing the number of HOPE donors in Durham, NC, from under 100 to over 700. Erika has led the HOPE development team for four years, guiding it through an array of economic circumstances while cultivating rapid growth.

Joe Garecht, Managing Consultant at American Philanthropic, has over twenty years of experience in fundraising and nonprofit management. He specializes in helping nonprofit organizations build dynamic fundraising strategies and systemize the development programs, allowing significant revenue growth regardless of larger economic trends.

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