Effective Altruism: Is It Truly Effective or Altruistic?


Effective altruism has evolved from a philosophical idea into a social movement that asks adherents to use their philanthropy, and sometimes choose their careers, to maximize benefits for others. Advocates of effective altruism and the nonprofit assessment organizations they have created claim to have the guidelines and answers that can enable all donors to be effective and impartial, and to make decisions based on reason. But is effective altruism truly effective? Is it even altruistic? Moreover, what does it mean for communities and civil society? Join Jonathan Hannah, Director of Education of the Center for Civil Society as he talks to William Schambra, senior fellow emeritus at Hudson Institute, philanthropist Tim Reichert, and Joshua Hochschild, director of Philosophy, Politics, and Economics at Mount St. Mary’s University, about effective altruism and its consequences.

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