Education Reform: Where Are Donor Dollars Most Consequential?


American education is in disarray. Philanthropists are trying to change that by pouring billions of dollars into reforming our schools, yet all too often those same schools churn out graduates whose “education” makes them the laughingstock of the developed world.

Clearly, philanthropists aren’t getting bang for their educational buck. This raises a pressing question: How can charitable support best be targeted to whip our educational system into shape? 

As someone who cares about education reform, you don’t want to see philanthropic dollars thrown at “solutions” that benefit no one. The stakes are too high for sloppiness. So why not listen to some wisdom from the front lines? In this webinar, you’ll hear from three experts who have spent decades in the education reform trenches—and they’re eager to share their hard-won knowledge with you.



  • Bruno V. Manno, senior advisor emeritus at the Walton Family Foundation, former assistant secretary for policy and planning at the Department of Education, and author of The Opportunity to Rise;
  • Sherry Street, senior philanthropic advisor at Bradley Impact Fund, a premier, conservative donor-advised fund with particular interest in wisely expended philanthropic dollars; and
  • Benjamin Lindquist, cofounder of the Arcadia Education Group, who is deeply knowledgeable about the opportunities and examples where education is bona fide and flourishing.

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