Bradley Impact Fund

The Bradley Impact Fund is a nationwide network of educated donors dedicated to using philanthropy to restore, strengthen, and protect the principles of American exceptionalism and the heartland values that make our country great. The Bradley Impact Fund is a unique nonprofit that not only receives donations but also disburses donations, in order to support Constitutional order and efforts to advance economic growth, foster strong families and communities, and inform and educate citizens.

In 2018, the Bradley Impact Fund was utilizing a database that lacked the functionality required for its unique mission. The Bradley Impact Fund receives donations and houses numerous Donor Advised Funds for its donors from which they can direct charitable contributions. The Bradley Impact Fund needed a heavily customized development database with the added capacity to track not only disbursements but also to track money related to specific donor-advised funds which they manage and advise.

To address this need, AmPhil partnered with the Bradley Impact Fund to build a full-scale development database in Salesforce. Once the database was created according to the Bradley Impact Fund’s specific needs, we migrated their donor data, as well as information on Bradley Impact Fund’s disbursed donations, to the new platform. Additionally, we set up custom objects that could track multiple disbursements from a single constituent with multiple donor-advised funds. And, after creating and customizing the platform, AmPhil trained their end users and administrators. We worked through and consulted on their business processes to build an efficient database system.

As a result of the partnership with AmPhil, the Bradley Impact Fund now has a complete database that tracks donors, donor-advised funds, individuals, reports, and the ingress and egress of donations through their system.


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