Society of St. Vincent de Paul – Phoenix

The Society of St. Vincent de Paul in Phoenix is the largest St. Vincent de Paul conference in the nation and second largest in the world. Its proven model of feeding, clothing, housing, and healing those in need is viewed as best-in-class by other human-services organizations throughout the nation. Even so, St. Vincent de Paul’s leaders realize that the organization must continue to grow if it is to meet its goal of never having to turn away a homeless veteran, a hungry child, or a family in danger of eviction.

So in 2017, St. Vincent de Paul asked American Philanthropic to audit its development program, to formulate a plan for addressing areas where there were opportunities to improve, and to provide ongoing senior-level oversight, coaching, and project management within its development department. Based on the audit’s findings, we helped St. Vincent de Paul implement a number of new practices and initiatives, several of which focused on increasing the average annual giving of individuals by making them feel even closer to St. Vincent de Paul’s mission and community.

Within a year, these efforts began to pay off. The number of $1,000+ donors and $10,000+ donors to St. Vincent de Paul increased by 18 percent and 10 percent, respectively. The number of donors in St. Vincent de Paul’s planned-giving society rose by more than 10 percent, and the organization’s new donor retention rate rose as well. St. Vincent de Paul’s leadership is now focused on tracking key metrics that will reveal how it is doing as it works to engage its donors and donor prospects in ever more personal and meaningful ways.


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