Mission Campaigns


Campaigns are the most ambitious project a development department can undertake. Both capital and mission campaigns demand significant time and tenacity from your staff, so gaining insight from professionals who have successfully completed them is a wise path. Mission campaigns move beyond the limits of a capital campaign and align donors to the core of your organization. While a mission campaign can include capital expenditures, the campaign can move beyond brick and mortar and extend into a transformative fundraising event that will fuel your organization’s growth for years to come.


AmPhil will help you plan and execute a campaign that expands your organization’s ability to fulfill its mission. No matter how complex your campaign, our experts will be there every step of the way to guide you to success.


What can a Mission Campaign do for your organization?

Mission campaigns expand your campaign’s scope. Rather than resulting in capital investments, mission campaigns help advance your mission. Mission campaigns help your organization grow by:

  • Developing new programs beyond conventional fundraising.
  • Provide a unique proposition to donors that makes your organization stand apart from others seeking donor dollars.
  • Attracting talented fundraisers and supporters to your mission.
  • Expanding to new locations, creating new programs, increasing event capacity, and adding staff can all be options for your next mission campaign.
Mission Centered Feasibility Studies

Work on a successful mission campaign begins long before you approach that first donor.  AmPhil consultants with extensive experience enable you to:

  • Assess your campaign goals, your ability to reach them, and your ideal timeline.
  • Refine your case for support, identifying the messaging that will resonate with donors.
  • Cultivate donors, assessing their reaction to your case statement, how much they are likely to give, and who is most likely to donate.
Mission Campaign Management

Most organizations don’t have the capacity or expertise to execute a successful mission campaign. Without a campaign consultant, their campaign is likely to fail. AmPhil brings the guidance and expertise you need:

  • Our consultants have experience with hundreds of nonprofits and access to proprietary data.
  • Consultants relieve your staff of trying to manage the campaign, strengthening the campaign and your other fundraising.
  • AmPhil experts ensure the campaign stays on track with your timeline.

Mission campaigns are the next generation of development, and AmPhil is the trusted leader to help you leverage this strategy to transform your organization.