Digital Fundraising


Forging a strong connection with donors is perhaps the most fundamental element of successful fundraising, and digital tools provide a whole new way to connect—The opportunity to modernize and refine your fundraising is just too good to pass up.

AmPhil will help you use digital tools to present your organization’s best face and most compelling messaging.


Social Media Monitoring and Moderation

Billions of people worldwide—many of them current or prospective donors—use social media platforms every day. AmPhil will help you spread your message to this massive audience by:

  • Developing tailored themes, timelines, and overall strategy, including copy, design, testing, and deploying across multiple channels.
  • Taking strategy and execution off your (chock-full) plate.
  • -Understanding your mission and voice, and using them to home in on your target audience.


Taking the time to make a concrete plan will pay off in spades.

Email Drip Campaigns for Acquisition and Cultivation

Drip marketing is a great way to ensure you’re sending the right message, at the right time, to just the right audience—all while freeing up time for you to advance other fundraising efforts. That’s a lot of “right,” but, without a deft approach, it can be easy to hit a “wrong.” We’ll help execute a flawless campaign by:

  • Crafting full drip-style email campaigns specifically designed for acquisition, new donor onboarding, and house-file cultivation.
  • Providing copy, design, segmentation, and deployment on your platform.
  • Capturing your tone and voice and integrating your emails with other digital outreach.


Paid Media: New Donor and Name Acquisition

Don’t discount the power of the good old-fashioned ad, in a fresh, updated format. Paid ads—when implemented wisely—get eyes on your organization, increase donations, and attract event attendees. Here’s how we’ll help you get the most bang for your advertising buck:

  • Helping strategize and launch campaigns using paid media like Google AdWords and social media to attract target audiences to your mission.
  • Transferring preexistent mission and messaging to the most appealing digital format.

  • Cooperating internally and with third-party partners to provide you with the most effective, cost-efficient services around.


Your current donors want to hear from you—and not just in their mailboxes!

Integrate Direct Response and Innovations

New methods of digital outreach are constantly developing. AmPhil takes the guesswork out of navigate the changing landscape by using:

  • Live and interactive townhalls: our collaborative experience boosts response and reaches untapped audiences.
  • Connected TV targeting: we know how to leverage additional advertising channels, consistent with your mail and email messaging.
  • Modeling: our proprietary methods enable us to uncover high-quality prospects in your databases.


Zeroing in on digital brings your fundraising into the 21st century.

Full-Service Digital Solutions

Cobbling together your digital fundraising piecemeal is one option, but it’ll both eat up staff time and prove less effective. AmPhil can take that off your plate and craft a seamless digital program by:

  • Taking over your digital footprint, including managing and posting to your social media accounts; creating new donor acquisition, cultivation, and solicitation process; managing your website and email program; and working with you to perfect overall strategy and messaging.
  • Learning your mission and messaging and channeling it through the most effective digital platforms and social media channels.
  • Providing a cost-effective solution that frees up your time to focus on other types of fundraising.


Ignoring digital outreach means ignoring a huge swath of your target audience and potential donors.