John Jay Institute

Case Study

Articulating a strategic vision during
a crucial time of transition.

The John Jay Institute was founded by Alan Crippen to restore American civilization through an ambitious leadership development program. The Institute seeks to prepare young leaders of faith for principled public leadership through a combination of intensive residential seminar courses and real-world experience. Graduates of its programs have gone on to gain prestigious positions on Capitol Hill, at major think tanks, and in the halls of academia.

In early 2011, the John Jay Institute was facing a period of transition. Institute headquarters were moving from Colorado Springs to Philadelphia, and its leadership wanted to debut new programs aimed at business executives and active-duty military members. The organization was facing a new phase of existence. The John Jay Institute approached AmPhil excited about the future, but in need of a solid strategic plan to manage swift growth and change.

The Institute needed clear objectives and concrete benchmarks for its programs, communications, and development in order to leverage its new location and expansion. After meeting with and extensively interviewing the organization’s leadership, AmPhil delivered a detailed plan and schedule to step up development efforts, increase staff resources, and leverage a loyal alumni network to advance the Institute’s goals.

Today, the John Jay Institute is a thriving organization that stands on strong financial footing and that has successfully produced over 600 alumni who are influencing society and culture in impressive ways.


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