Society of St. Vincent de Paul – Phoenix

With annual fundraising revenue in excess of $22 million, Saint Vincent de Paul–Phoenix is the largest Saint Vincent de Paul organization in the entire world. American Philanthropic recently assisted SVdP–Phoenix in developing a plan for an $80 million endowment campaign, and is now working with the organization’s leadership to actively manage and execute this immense campaign.

Development Audit | We conducted a thorough audit of SVdP–Phoenix’s development programming and operations and made specific recommendations to strengthen and grow their fundraising. Based on the audit’s findings, we helped SVdP–Phoenix implement a number of new practices and initiatives, several of which focused on increasing the average annual giving of individuals by bringing them closer to SVdP’s mission and community.

Campaign Conceptualization and Messaging | American Philanthropic helped SVdP conceptualize the purpose and goals of their endowment campaign, as well as determine how they would message the campaign to current and prospective donors and friends.

Capital Campaign Strategic Plan | We created a strategic campaign plan for SVdP’s $80 million endowment campaign. This included:

  • determining and finalizing the name of the campaign;
  • determining the name of the campaign;
  • creating the case statement;
  • creating financial goals;
  • helping build leadership teams; and
  • establishing budgets, collateral material, gift tables, and the timeline.


In order to begin the $80 million campaign, SVdP required an initial $5 million capacity-building investment from major donors. Our firm assisted in these initial asks by creating the messaging and materials for them. SVdP raised the $5 million within months. In addition to reaching the $5 million goal, the number of $1,000+ and $10,000+ donors has increased by more than 20% and 15%, respectively, since we began working with SVdP. Moreover, SVdP’s planned-giving society membership has risen by more than 15%, and the average gift has increased by a similar degree.