What grateful fundraising looks like

Thomas recently had a knee replacement. He can’t say enough good things about his surgeon, Dr. Smith. 

Six months after surgery, Thomas saw Dr. Smith at the annual fundraising gala for the community hospital. Thomas was full of joy to see Dr. Smith. He shared how well he was doing and mentioned to Dr. Smith that he wish he could show his gratitude in some way.

Dr. Smith paused. He remembered getting a visit from a gift officer a few weeks back. The gift officer had shared how grateful patient fundraising worked. The doctor had an idea.

Dr. Smith told Thomas he was happy to see him mobile and getting around so well. “Thomas,” he said. “Maybe there is something you could do. I’m not an expert, but there’s someone from our development team I’d like to introduce you to if you’d be open to it. Maybe there’s a way you could show your gratitude and help other patients in our community.” 

Thomas said he’d be delighted to discuss it more.

Long story made short, Thomas eventually provided $3 million to name a new wing of the community hospital that would be used for cutting edge orthopedic care.

This was accomplished because a physician kept his eyes and ears open, and listened for clues about the gratitude of his patient. The gift officer followed up, and over time, a transformative gift was acquired.

This, is grateful patient fundraising.

(The specifics of this story have been changed to protect the privacy of the donor and in accord with HIPPA.)