Michael Ross


As AmPhil’s Chief Growth Officer, Michael Ross oversees strategy and tactics in order to continue our growth as an organization. He works closely with leadership to identify industry-leading practices that will provide the greatest value to their clients and help them succeed in their missions. His vision is to expand AmPhil’s brand to all who would benefit from their services.

Michael brings to AmPhil over twenty-five years of leadership experience in marketing, sales, and customer service in the technology and consumer product sectors. He has always placed a high priority on adopting processes that propel brand awareness and support business development while improving the overall value of the customers being served.

Michael resides in the small, tight-knit community of Utica, Indiana. He is grateful for the many blessings in his life, and counsels family, friends, and colleagues to choose an attitude of thankfulness when confronting life’s challenges. Michael volunteers for various community and faith-based organizations when he is not searching for a good pickleball game.