Providence Academy

Providence Academy, an independent, co-ed, Roman Catholic school serving Pre-K through 12th grade students in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area, approached American Philanthropic about establishing a planned giving program focused at bringing the families and extended families of Providence into a long-term financial relationship with the school.

American Philanthropic began its engagement with Providence Academy by designing a planned giving society logo featuring a subtle but instantly recognizable symbol of the school.

Once the branding for the planned giving society was established, American Philanthropic helped Providence Academy analyze its donor data to determine the best prospects for major and planned gifts. American Philanthropic did so by taking a variety of factors into account, from the longevity of a donor’s investment to his or her frequency of giving. Those with the highest number of positive intersecting giving factors were recommended as the donors to target for the initial efforts of the planned giving society.

American Philanthropic developed a timeline for the launch of the planned giving society that included details of planned events and the distribution of collateral materials. Sheets outlining the significance and mechanics of making a planned gift and an informational pamphlet for donor meetings were drafted and designed. Additionally, recommendations were made for an annual calendar of planned giving-themed events and mailings that would continue to advertise the existence and significance of the planned giving society to Providence Academy’s current donor base.

By helping Providence Academy design its collateral, lay out an action plan for consistently engaging current annual donors, and provide them with the information they need to commit to a planned gift, American Philanthropic helped the Academy create a fully developed program to solicit and receive planned gifts.


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