Talent Solutions

We source and place exceptional professionals

to advance your mission and fuel your growth.

Hiring for nonprofit leadership and development positions is not easy and it’s a problem that you can’t afford to overlook. Every day a critical position goes unfilled, your management, operations, and fundraising are negatively impacted. Donor relations suffer and revenue growth is stunted. And with high turnover in the industry and a competitive job market, constantly hiring and rehiring takes a toll on your leadership, staff, donors, and other stakeholders.

You need a trusted partner to secure one of your most important assets—your people.

American Philanthropic brings efficiency and focus to talent acquisition. We partner with you every step of the way to:

  1. Bring clarity to your talent needs and strategy
  2. Develop an ideal candidate profile and refine your interview process
  3. Source and screen qualified candidates, leveraging our proprietary talent network
  4. Guide you through the interview process
  5. Advise you in negotiations to close on your preferred candidate quickly

We also offer additional capabilities to set your new hire up for success, including training, coaching, consulting, and more.

Unlike a traditional recruiting agency, American Philanthropic is a full-service consultancy wholly dedicated to helping mission-driven organizations grow and thrive. We have deep expertise and decades of experience in nonprofit leadership, fundraising, and operations. We know what works for mission-driven organizations and we apply this unique and valuable perspective to every talent search we execute. In a candidate-driven market, we help you stay competitive by moving quickly to find the talent that will advance your mission and fuel your growth.

For an initial consultation, please contact Carmen Sapara at csapara@americanphilanthropic.com.