The Nones: The Threat the Decline in Worship Poses to Civil Society


As America approaches its 250th anniversary, worship—or the lack thereof—has taken on pressing importance as a defining societal characteristic. Those who care about the integrity, endurance, and strength of American civil society must give particular attention and astute consideration to the rise of the “Nones” and the emptying of the pews, in order to better assess their causes and their ramifications.

In this important webinar, you will hear a trio of experts explore the tectonic plates of our culture’s religiosity, assess their shifting, assess the consequences of an increasingly irreligious America, and contemplate what the future holds for this One Nation Under God if the rate of growth in non-belief should continue at its current, rapid pace.

Our session—free and open to all, and also allowing for questions from those attending—will likely be the first of more webinars that will grapple with this matter of vital import to the health of America, now and in futures near and distant, and to its larger standing, in the powerful descriptive of Lincoln, as the last best hope of earth.


Jack Fowler, senior fellow at the Center for Civil Society, will moderate the discussion with two experts on the decline of religiosity in our country.

Mary Eberstadt ,who holds the Panula Chair in Christian Culture at the Catholic Information Center in Washington, D.C., and is Senior Research Fellow at the Faith & Reason Institute. An essayist, novelist, and frequent public speaker, Mrs. Eberstadt has written extensively on the secularization of the West and identity politics.

Daniel Cox, Senior Fellow in Polling and Public Opinion at the American Enterprise Institute, is also the coauthor of numerous academic book chapters, journal articles, and conference papers on topics relating to religious polarization, anti-Muslim attitudes in the US, religious tolerance of atheists, and new methods for measuring social class and religious belief.

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