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Scotch Talk – The Power of Branding


Bring your favorite libation!—scotch, beer, or tea—and join us for this informal and exploratory conversation

Your organization has a powerful story to tell—about your identity, your values, your mission—and you’re probably not expressing it. It’s too easy to get stuck in the weeds, and leave your organization’s messaging a confused, inconsistent mess.

You want to make your organization’s brand remarkable and compelling—because people lose interest if you’re not demonstrating your commitment to authentic values and purpose. 

So, get out of the weeds and into our eye-opening webinar on the power of revolutionizing your brand. Join Jeremy Beer as he gets the scoop on the Power of Branding from a man who’s made that his life mission: Mike Jones, CEO of awarding-winning branding agency Resound, author of the book You Are Remarkable: How to Unlock Your Authentic Brand to Win Loyal Customers, and host of two podcasts, Resoundcast and AZ Brandcast.

Jeremy Beer

Jeremy Beer

CEO & Founding Partner

Mike Jones

Mike Jones

CEO @ Resound

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