Director of the Department for Catholic Education


Partner: Diocese of Springfield, IL

Location: Springfield, IL



“The mission of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Springfield in Illinois is to build a fervent community of intentional and dedicated missionary disciples of the Risen Lord and steadfast stewards of God’s creation who seek to become saints.” (Fourth Diocesan Synod, Statue#1). Therefore, every member of the Curia staff, as an extension of the ministry of the Diocesan Bishop, has a ministerial calling, and each position has a ministerial aspect.

The Director of the Dept for Catholic Education provides strategic planning to carry out the mission for Catholic Educational programs in the Diocese. This includes both Catholic school and parish catechetical programs. This position serves to foster and develop the principles outlined in the Fourth Diocesan Synod which relate to Catholic education such as building Catholic identity, formation of students and staff, and vitality and funding of Catholic education.


  • Lead strategic Catholic Education efforts in both parishes and schools, in collaboration with pastors, administrators, and other leaders, to strengthen and renew the mission of Catholic Education, including talent development and recruiting for teachers and administrators, comprehensive formation programs in collaboration with The Evermode Institute, transition to independence from state-based accreditation and reliance on public funding, and conversion to stewardship-based alternative to tuition model.
  • Direct the implementation of Statutes number 64 & 67 of the Fourth Diocesan Synod. (In relation to Statute 64, develop and promote catechetical programs in our Catholic parochial schools, high schools and parish schools of religion. Oversee strategies to build stronger Catholic identity and formation.) (In relation to Statute 67, work with pastors and school leadership in order that cost not be a barrier for children to receive Catholic Education.)
  • Collaborate with the Superintendent of Catholic Schools regarding the operations of schools and supporting school endeavors.
  • Oversee the work of the other office members in implementing the mission of the department. (Will manage a superintendent, Director of Catechesis, and an admin)
  • Collaborate as appropriate with other Curia departments.
  • Articulate a philosophy and vision for Catholic education and provide leadership in the implementation of diocesan policies.
  • Create and serve as Chair for the Diocesan School Board.
  • Support pastors and principals in providing effective educational programs and Catholic identity in the Catholic schools and parish catechetical programs of the diocese. Provide leadership and vision for Christian formation of employees and catechists.
  • Assist pastor with hiring of principal and other administrative positions.
  • Along with other Curia departments, develop a strategy for long-term planning and development of Catholic Schools.
  • Represent the schools of the diocese with outside agencies as appropriate.
  • Serve as a member of Bishop’s Administrative Team.



  • Master’s Degree or Doctorate in Education, Educational Administration, or other related field.
  • Background in Theology and/or Catechesis required.
  • Experience in Catholic school administration. Examples include President of a Catholic school, Head of Catholic Schools, Director of a Catholic school system.
  • Practicing Catholic in full communion with the teachings of the Church
  • Experience with change management
  • Strong leadership, verbal, written, analytical and prestation skills
  • Strategic thinker with strong pragmatic orientation and execution skills
  • Proficient with Microsoft Office Suite (particularly with Word and Excel) and Outlook
  • Excellent ability to organize, plan, set job priorities and multi-task to meet deadlines
  • Desire to learn and undertake new and unfamiliar job responsibilities and tasks
  • Valid driver’s license and willingness to routinely visit schools and parishes throughout the Diocese.



  • Having a strategic role, vital to the leadership team and mission in the Diocese of Springfield, that will positively impact the transformation of Catholic education in the diocese!
  • Collaboration with and support from a highly talented and innovative team, led by Bishop Thomas Paprocki, a courageous and faithful shepherd and teacher
  • One of the few dioceses that offers Daily Mass for the curia
  • Ability to interact with a team that encourages healthy debates and an exchange of ideas!
  • Springfield is a family-friendly town that embraces traditional values